12 Oct 2015

Best London Golf Clubs

Golf lovers will have a hard time finding better grounds from the ones located around London. The best London golf clubs are obviously situated outside of the city. Experts have a difficult time pin pointing the exact origins of the game but they generally agree that it most likely began

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28 Sep 2015

London Olympic Years Historical Timeline (infographic)

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art 14
18 Sep 2015

Best London Art Galleries to Visit

London has a great number of world-class art galleries, some of them very famous – like The National Gallery, which has around 2,300 pictures and is definitely a major tourist attraction. Those who are interested in art, are about to have the time of their life if they intend to

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park 18
17 Sep 2015

Best London Parks

Since London is a huge, bustling city, there are bound to be some green areas for the residents of the capital to relax in. These parks are some of the best in the world, the most famous of them being the Royal Parks that are owned by the monarchy and

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sci 20
16 Sep 2015

Best London Science Museums

There are many kinds of museums in London, dedicated to certain themes – like the artistic, historic, or the literary ones. And then there are also the science museums, focusing all kinds of branches of science, like, for example, medicine, and these places are not only interesting to pay a

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pal 15
15 Sep 2015

Best London Palaces

As England was a monarchy for hundreds of years, the country is bound to have many castles and palaces. Some of them are, of course, in ruins, but a great number of these palaces are preserved to these days, offering the visitors to take a look at their beautiful interiors,

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mus 11
14 Sep 2015

Best London Museums

As the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom has a pretty rich history, there has to be a great number of museums in it to house numerous items and artifacts, the remnants of the old times. Many of these museums are among the best on the planet,

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free 19
13 Sep 2015

Best Free London Attractions

Many of the major London attractions require the visitors to pay the admission before they go in to see it – and that is okay, since many of these palaces, museums and galleries are definitely worth paying a sum of money to see them. But there is also a big

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01 Sep 2015

London Sightseeing- An experience of life time

London Sightseeing- An experience of life time There are various tours that run on weekends all year round, as well as on some weekdays during the holiday seasons like Easter, Christmas, and summer holidays. People who are new to London can take guided tours which are quiet reasonable and can

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