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http://www.flexshopper.com/video-games Services They offer an innovative solution to tech issues. We’re all finding it hard to keep up with things: every year there’s a new tv or gadget or phone that we all want. Gamers thankfully get some... Read more

gamefly, for umlimited games

http://www.gamefly.com/#!/ Services Once one of the UK’s leading games rentals sites, it’s recently undergone something of a transformation. The days of it offering every game under the sun are over: for various reasons they will no longer be... Read more

rent-game of your choice at best prices

http://www.rent-game.com/ Services Purely console based (you can’t really do PC rentals anymore to be fair), Rentgame hopes to provide gamers with an easy way to play games without having to sink serious money into the hobby. You simply visit... Read more

boomerangrentals, rent or buy games online

http://www.boomerangrentals.co.uk/ Services It’s a way to rent the latest console games, without any stress or hassle. Simply tell them what you want, receive a package in the post, open it, play it, master it, return it and get another. All... Read more

paramountgamesrental, play more save more

http://www.paramountgamesrental.co.uk/ Services It’s all pretty standard: you tell them what game you want, they mail it to you, you play it, return it and get another one. Whilst hardly groundbreaking, it’s a system that works for that niche... Read more

gamerang, best way to find top games

http://www.gamerang.com/ Services The holy grail of console rentals, this service is ideal for power users. Run through games so quickly that you don’t want to invest cash into them, knowing that they’ll sit on a shelf gathering dust once... Read more